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外国人のお客様と厳格な初セッション/Strict first session with foreign customer






※1月18日〜 22日 札幌

※1月23日〜25日 東京


This was my first session with this client. Moreover, he is a foreigner!!

He had gentlemanly calmness and dandyism, which at first glance seemed like male dominance. But when it came to the session, he was definitely Maso side.

He kneeled and greeted me, and he had a perfect erection in the variation I gave him. And above all, he's a real masochist.

Even after I became independent, customers from overseas come to experience my sessions as a Japanese Dom. And all HENTAI!! As a professional SM player in Japan, your sense of mission becomes more realistic when you have a session with overseas customers. I am very thankful for the opportunity to study English that I thought I was bad at.

I think we are lucky to know advanced and delicate communication as a real experience because we are SM beyond words. HENTAI is the best after all.

* January18-22 Sapporo

* January23-25 Tokyo

I am looking for sponsors who can support my tour. If you can afford travel and session fee and want to meet me in your city, please contact me.

*Please note that I have obtained permission from my clients to upload their pictures and videos. I never take pictures without your consent. If you’d like to appear in my blog, let me know before the session begins. I’ll post about you without jeopardizing your privacy.



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