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東京からお手伝いマゾがやってきた/Sub from Tokyo came to my office.







I've been with him for a long time. I can't have a hard session with him for various reasons. Nevertheless, he comes to Kyoto just to meet me from Tokyo. I value this kind of relationship with Sub, regardless of the session.

On this day, I decided to put Sub in a satin sissy dress. Then he cleaned my office carefully.The vacuum cleaner is of course made by MAKITA. (This is also a Sub gift. Thank you for giving me!)

Then, I used MORISIGE's reddish table, the largest furniture in my office, as an ptactice for Shibari, which was recently taught by Naka-sensei.

He seemed happy to serve me.

I was lonely when he returned to Tokyo. however, It's good because such time is limited. My Sub, come to Kyoto again.

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