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囚われの女の子人形/Captured girl doll








In response to the request, I made a cute doll like this with a tight combination of SIBARI and feminization. Although it looks pretty, the face is a rubber ball gag which can't spat out saliva + a cloth tape gag, clothed with a plastic bag and then restrained with cloth tape. A state where only groaning voices can be produced in the dark. Since the rope connects SIBARI behind her fingers behind his back, the abdomen and thigh rope, the penis (which is a girl so he do not need a penis) and ankle rope respectively, so It is a mechanism by which each is tightened when it moves. As it is this way, I blocked the hole behind and left it unattended (in the range not dangerous). Indeed mood is a captive princess ~ The masochist doll seems to have been caught and ejaculated with a fake penis!

Happy ending!