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【完全奴隷調教コース】ロングタイムでマミー/Mummification at long time session

【2019年前半予定/ First half of 2019 schedule】

2月21~23日東京/ February21-23 Tokyo

3月札幌/March Sapporo

4月福岡/April Fukuoka

5月香港・東京/May Hong Kong · Tokyo

6月札幌/June Sapporo








He is my Servant who always came from Tokyo to Kyoto. It is my job to wrap him.

In a quiet daytime,I feel his breathing while seeing his immovable body. I am happy. Bondage is really wonderful.

I put video on Twitter. Please access.


* Those posting in my blog and play movie, i have obtained permission. Do not worry, i will not shoot unauthorized images. If you wish to publish, please let me know before starting the session. I will introduce to the extent that privacy is not specified.



毎日12:00 - 23:00(LO22:00)



21日15:00 - 22:00(LO21:00)

22日12:00 - 22:00(LO21:00)

23日12:00 - 22:00(LO21:00)




※ Costumes and tools may not be available on the day, so please make reservations on request beforehand.

※ The above is session start time to end time.

Sessions exceeding the end time, Sessions on the day on and after the end time can not be accepted.

※ Schedule subject to change without notice.

※ If the schedule agrees with schedule other than the above, session is possible. Please contact us in advance.











・オプション料(全身or部分) ¥5,000


​※カウンセリング後、お客様の体調によりお断りする場合がございます。 ※通常のMコースのプレイ内容は含まれておりませんが、他コースと組み合わせ可能です。

【Kyoto】 plaster bondage option

· M course 120 minutes ~ available

· Neighboring love hotel available (business hotel not allowed)

· Option fee (whole body or part) ¥ 5,000

* Whole body it takes about 90 minutes for application and curing. Preparation and processing time is included in 120 minutes.

* After counseling, we may refuse according to your physical condition.

* Although the contents of play of regular M-Cause is not included, it can be combined with other courses.


寿吹夜々オフィシャルウェブサイト/KOTOBUKI YAYA official site

お問い合わせ・Contact /ご予約・Booking :




Open : 12:00〜23:00

Tel : 075-353-6584 mail :

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