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福岡に行きます。/I will go to FUKUOKA.

【福岡博多 派遣型SMクラブ・シークレット】

TEL : 092-441-1769

OPEN : 12:00 - LAST

2019 April

20/18:00 - 24:00(LO23:00)

21/12:00 - 23:00(LO22:00)

22/12:00 - 23:00(LO22:00)

23/12:00 - 23:00(LO22:00)

24/12:00 - 23:00(LO22:00)

25/12:00 - 23:00(LO22:00)

26/12:00 - 20:00(LO19:00)

27/12:00 - 23:00(LO22:00)

28/12:00 - 17:00(LO15:30)





I will go a guest mistress at SM Club Secret from May 20th to 28th. You can choose the order of costumes and tools from this page. Please contact me on the 19th 10p.m. (※ Some items require order fee. Please check.) Please make a reservation to the Club-Secret.



毎日12:00 - 23:00(LO22:00)




※ Costumes and tools may not be available on the day, so please make reservations on request beforehand.

※ The above is session start time to end time.

Sessions exceeding the end time, Sessions on the day on and after the end time can not be accepted.

※ Schedule subject to change without notice.

※ If the schedule agrees with schedule other than the above, session is possible. Please contact us in advance.


寿吹夜々オフィシャルウェブサイト/KOTOBUKI YAYA official site

お問い合わせ・Contact /ご予約・Booking :



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