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3日間の貸切旅セッション/3-day travel session


5/20~23 新宿エリアかアルファインでセッション可能です。





【Tokyo】 20 - 23 MAY

Sessions are available in Shinjuku area or Alpha Inn.

For Books, please contact via

It was a 3-day tour session of Kyoto with clients coming from far away. I was like a tour guide but not a profession, so I can accept such a request if you are satisfied just by going with the DOM together. We enjoyed Kyoto's temples, shrines, strips, bars and seasonal meals together. Thank you very much.



毎日12:00 - 23:00(LO22:00)




※ Costumes and tools may not be available on the day, so please make reservations on request beforehand.

※ The above is session start time to end time.

Sessions exceeding the end time, Sessions on the day on and after the end time can not be accepted.

※ Schedule subject to change without notice.

※ If the schedule agrees with schedule other than the above, session is possible. Please contact us in advance.


寿吹夜々オフィシャルウェブサイト/KOTOBUKI YAYA official site

お問い合わせ・Contact /ご予約・Booking :



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