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らみぃさんと香港の旅/Travel in Hong Kong with Mistress Rammy


5/20、21 新宿エリアかアルファインでセッション可能です。


【Tokyo】 20 - 21 MAY ※ Changed schedule.

Sessions are available in Shinjuku area or Alpha Inn.

For Books, please contact via



ホテルは下町にそびえる施設内完結型のラグジュアリーリゾートで、食事も美味しいし静かだし(私にとって1番大事)、Zhang Xiaogangのアートがあったり、申し分なく快適だったので主に引きこもっていました。






We ware staying at a resort hotel in Hong Kong. Thanks to the good weather, I was able to fully enjoy the scenery different from Japan and relax. The hotel was a luxury resort with a complete facility standing out in the downtown area, the food was delicious and quiet (The most important thing for me), and there has art by Zhang Xiaogang, and it was comfortable enough. Also, I was invited to the Mandarin Oriental Grill and had a fresh raw oyster, Whole Peking duck for the first time for me(I couldn't eat meat, so I just watched and MistresRammy ate it about 80%), night view, walk around Soho area and have a relaxing time in the lounge. We received a gift of the IC card called "Octopus" with a full charge, which was very convenient for us as foreigners. Anyway, it was super fun and Hong Kong is definitely a lively city. I thought I had to do my best as a Japanese. I'm going to introduce videos on the spot in the Instagram, so please follow me. Also, I like quiet places with fresh vegetables and seafood, so please call me if there is a good place. Thank you very much to everyone who supported our trip, I will definitely go again!



毎日12:00 - 23:00(LO22:00)




※ Costumes and tools may not be available on the day, so please make reservations on request beforehand.

※ The above is session start time to end time.

Sessions exceeding the end time, Sessions on the day on and after the end time can not be accepted.

※ Schedule subject to change without notice.

※ If the schedule agrees with schedule other than the above, session is possible. Please contact us in advance.


寿吹夜々オフィシャルウェブサイト/KOTOBUKI YAYA official site

お問い合わせ・Contact /ご予約・Booking :



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