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ナイロン生地でのパッキング/Some nylon fun


6/3,、4日 新宿エリアかアルファインでセッション可能です。


【Tokyo dates】

Available 6/3-4, either in Shinjuku or at Alpha In (a hard-core S&M hotel in Higashi-Azabu). E-mail to book an appointment.











I’ve always known this about myself, but I have a thing for textiles.

A true lover of fabric, one can even say.

I was at a textile shop the other day buying meters after meters of cloths with nice texture when a nylon fetishist from abroad booked an appointment. A perfect timing! I decided to some full-on multi-layer cloth binding on him.

He puts on a sleek pantyhose, and above it, wears his own favorite Zentai (what a perv). He gets a full-on boner just when he dives into a satin covered bed.

The pervert swims in the pool of satin for a while, then I ask him to lay down on the bed. I wrap him up in an organdy fabric, satin cloth, then nylon Zentai (in that exact order).

He complains that the wrap isn’t tight enough. Of course, a fermented perv like him wouldn’t be satisfied with ONLY three layers of textiles.

Fine, I tell him, and tie him up with a hemp rope, just tight enough for him to feel the texture of the cloth with his skin.

What a pleasure to scroll down your twitter feed while a immobile perv next to you breathes heavily in his swaddle.

Of course, the gentleman’s hard as fuck ALL this time. Long live the sexually twisted degenerate!

In order to explore the wonderful world of satin, nylon, and organdy fetishism, I’m thinking of stocking up on some sissy dresses. If you’d like to invest in this for your own good, I may give you discounts. What are you waiting for?


*Please note that I have obtained permission from my clients to upload their pictures and videos. I never take pictures without your consent. If you’d like to appear in my blog, let me know before the session begins. I’ll post about you without jeopardizing your privacy.


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