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マミーとグローブフェティッシュ、呼吸コントロール/Mummification of a glove fetishist, with controlled breathing







A well-mannered cute sub from overseas payed a visit to me!

This man, a real pervert, had requested to combine mummification with HOM. It seemed to me he was also into gloves, so I prepared gloves of different materials and let him enjoy few different patterns of breathing control.

The one he liked best, was a pair of short gloves made of soft and smooth lamb leather. *In case you’re interested, here are the list of gloves you can request.

It was indeed relaxing to watch him trying to breathe, rather desperately, even with his mouth covered with my hand. He was like an expensive antique pot; something you want to observe in detail, and from a distance.

I’m so thankful for all the perverts who come to see me from all over the world, especially after I set my own shop.

Thank you so much for a great time, I hope we can meet again soon.


*Please note that I have obtained permission from my clients to upload their pictures and videos. I never take pictures without your consent. If you’d like to appear in my blog, let me know before the session begins. I’ll post about you without jeopardizing your privacy.


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