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DID to Sissy girl/電マアイドル・シシィちゃん

* December 14-22 Fukuoka

* December 23-28, Tokyo

The length of stay in Tokyo is not fixed. Please contact me if you would like the date and time.

He is a very good boy(girl) who loves me.

This day he(she) dressed up in frilly satin dress and became a nice "sissy idol" for me.

I am always mean to cute people somehow. It's embarrassing ...

At this time,I made him anal masturbated in front of me, and tied up to open legs position with enforced magic wand. But he (she?) was able to afford, so I think I must do something worse next time. It ’s embarrassing ! !

※12月14〜22日 福岡




この日は私のためにフリフリのサテンドレスでおめかし。" 電マアイドル・シシィちゃん " になってくれました。



*Please note that I have obtained permission from my clients to upload their pictures and videos. I never take pictures without your consent. If you’d like to appear in my blog, let me know before the session begins. I’ll post about you without jeopardizing your privacy.



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