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【福岡】縄フェティッシュのお客様/[Fukuoka] Impressed rope fetishist

※〜12月22日 福岡 SMクラブ・シークレットゲスト出勤中


※1月23日〜 札幌







* December 14-22 Fukuoka

* December 23-28, Tokyo

* January23- Sapporo

The length of stay in Tokyo and Sapporo is not fixed. Please contact me if you would like the date and time.And I am looking for sponsors who can support my tour. If you can afford travel and session fee and want to meet me in your city, please contact me.

I'm really grateful to spend every day with Shibari in Fukuoka.

Thanks to Kinks for enjoying my favorite things together. And I can't hide the surprise that real amazing Kinks are lurking everywhere.I think he is a bondage fetishist. It's easy to summarize as "masochist", but I think that fetishists and masochists have their own aesthetics and philosophy. They may be mixed. We don't have to categorize, but I'm feeling aesthetics and want to respect each other, so be careful not to overlook them.

Anyway, his order is strict Shibari also as last time. He was also good at controls himself and felt positive his fetishism.

I will stay in Fukuoka this term until tomorrow. I'll keep BDSM and fetish until you're satisfied.

*Please note that I have obtained permission from my clients to upload their pictures and videos. I never take pictures without your consent. If you’d like to appear in my blog, let me know before the session begins. I’ll post about you without jeopardizing your privacy.



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