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HBC×TBLの撮影に参加しました。/Shooting with Tokyo HBC x TBL

東京にて Hinako Bondage Clinic × Tokyo Bondage Laboratoryスタジオ撮影にお邪魔してまいりました。急遽、カメラのお手伝いもさせていただきましたよ!


Open Ass Bondage Box Bound with Piss Bottles and Enemas All Around

そして、雛奈子さんちあきさんオウサムさん の超豪華メンバーとレザーファミリーに見立てたポートレートを製作してきました。皆様とフェチ活やダンスができて幸せでした。





また行きます ^ ^

And also participated in video shooting as a camera assistant!

The video is featured on Lady Hinako's clip4sale. Please check it from link below. (*Please purchase the full video.)

Open Ass Bondage Box Bound with Piss Bottles and Enemas All Around

And we have made portraits that like a leather family with spesial members of Lady Hinako, Mistress Chiaki and Mr.Awesome. Fetish collaboration with everyone was fun and happy!!

I uploaded photos to my OnlyFans. The precious heavy leather that owned by Lady Hinako is so cool, please subscribe!

↓ OnlyFans open 7days free subscription!

↓ Video of dancing Leather family

Thank you to everyone in Tokyo! ︎

I will back soon ^ ^


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June 18th (Thursday) - 21st (Sunday)

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