Session contents

- 可能内容 -







Unless otherwise requested at the time of booking, I will conduct the session in casual, everyday outfit. 

Sessions will be interrupted if alcohol or illegal drug use is confirmed. In that case, full cancellation fee will be charged.

I will ask you to fill out a counseling form and sign a consent form before each session. Safety and privacy are never compromised, and I will not force hard limits,

ignore safe word, or coerce any activity that exceeds limits.

However, your request may not be fulfilled or may be modified on the day of the session, if each other’s physical condition is not in favor.

  • Leather​(レザー)
  • Denim(デニム)
  • PVC(エナメル)
  • Nylon(ナイロン)
  • Shoes(靴)
  • D/s 上下関係のある内容
  • ​KINBAKU 緊縛
  • Lesther fethishレザーフェティッシュ
  • Nylon fethish ナイロンフェティッシュ
  • Denim fethish デニムフェティッシュ
  • Control コントロール
  • Bondage (  Mummification,Combination bondage ) 各種ボンデージ( マミフィケーション、コンビネーション拘束 )
  • DID
  • Breath play ブレスコントロール
  • Leg & foot fetish 脚フェチ
  • Neglect play 放置
  • Pain & Impact Whipping, Caning, Spanking, Punching, Kicking, and Ballbusting )  打撃 (  鞭、ケイン、スパンキング、ボディーブロー、ハイキック、金蹴り )
  • Crushing (My full weight on your body or your body parts) 圧迫
  • Electrics エレクトリック系
  • Nipple torture 乳首責め
  • CBT
  • Anus play アナルプレイ
  • Wrestling ( Locking and Choking )  格闘( 絞め技、関節技 )
  • Sub/Pet training 奴隷、ペット、召使いトレーニング
  • Possessionポゼッション
  • Candle wax 蝋燭
  • Various fetish plays フェチプレイ​
  • ​Voyeurism 自慰鑑賞
  • Biting 噛みつき
And more.
Please indicate your budget in the form when you contact me. I’m open to traveling, doing full-day and/or overnight sessions. I love the idea of leaving town to visit you, however, it takes time to pack, plan, travel and recover. Please take into consideration my time and energy spent into our meeting when making offerings for these long-hour, out-of-town sessions.

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